Privacy Statement

Information Notice about Personal Data For residents in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia registering for Epson Connect Service
(For EEA residents: Given in compliance with Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation)

Edition 1.2   

Thank you for registering for the Epson Connect Service (the “Service”). By doing so you have agreed to the terms of use for the Service, which include the right for you to stop using the Service at any time.

The personal information which Epson holds (and will hold in the future) about you is:

Epson does not require you to give any personal information to make use of the Service other than those items highlighted in bold within the list of the personal information which may be held by Epson (shown at the end of this notice). Epson does not require you to give any personal information to use your printer on a stand-alone basis.

The primary purpose for which Epson will use this information is to deliver the Service. The legal basis for this is that the information is necessary for the performance of the contract you have entered into for the Service. The basis for holding information which is not required, and which you have chosen to give voluntarily, is your consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent to us holding the voluntary information at any time.

An ancillary purpose is to enable Epson better to understand how customers use the Service in order to further develop and refine Epson’s products and services. When used for this purpose the data is aggregated and anonymised. Epson is not seeking to track how you as an individual use the Service. The legal basis for this is that the information is necessary to enable Epson’s legitimate business interests. If, in the future, Epson wishes to process your data for some other purpose it will first provide you with information about that other purpose. We will also notify you if other information in this notice changes.

Personal data (about you or others) which may be contained in any file you transmit using the Service is your responsibility. Epson does not make any use of it and exercises no control over it. Epson simply receives the file of data from you and re-transmits it to your printer. The legal basis for this processing is in order to perform the Service. Once transmitted, Epson does not retain a copy of the material transmitted through the Service.

“Epson” (the controller of the information) is:

Seiko Epson Corporation
Epson Connect Service
80 Harashinden, Hirooka, Shiojiri, Nagano-ken, Japan

Epson’s European representative is:

Epson Europe B.V.
Personal Data Administration
Azie Building, Atlas Arena,
Hoogoorddreef 5, 1101BA Amsterdam Zuid,
The Netherlands

Epson will not perform automated profiling.

Epson will hold your personal data until you withdraw from the Service, by giving notice as required in the Terms of Use. After this time only anonymised data will be held. Print data, scan data and fax data will be deleted after the print, scan or fax is completed.

Epson uses third parties (within Japan) to perform some processing activities on its behalf. ‘Processing’ refers to anything Epson does with the information about you including gathering it, holding it, using it and disclosing it. Some or all of your personal data may be disclosed to them, but they are only permitted to use the disclosed data for the purposes for which Epson holds your data and in accordance with Epson’s directions.

In addition to third party processors, Epson may disclose limited personal data about you (your name, contact details, registration for the Service and registered products) to Epson group companies within Europe so that they are aware, for marketing purposes, of who within their sales territories have purchased printers and are using the Service. The legal basis for this is that it is necessary for the legitimate business purposes of the Epson group. However, they will not send any electronic marketing communications to you unless you have consented to this.

The Service includes the facility for you to direct that data about you is to be transferred to other websites or electronic services, not under the control of Epson. Epson will only do this with your consent and at your direction. Such transfers may, according to who you request transfer to, involve a transfer with your consent to locations outside the EU.

Epson is based, and operates the Service, in Japan. By entering information into the Service website or other tools or uploading information for your device you are transmitting your data to a country outside the EU. Epson will not transfer any of your data to any other country outside the EEA.

If you are an individual resident within the EEA, Epson is subject to the legal requirements contained in the EU GDPR. As a “data subject” you have statutory rights to request from Epson access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction of processing concerning yourself or to object to processing as well as the right to data portability and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Epson’s European Data Protection Officer may be contacted by writing to “The EDPO, Epson Europe B.V. Azie Building , Atlas Arena, Hoogoorddreef 5, 1101BA Amsterdam Zuid, The Netherlands” or, using E-mail:

Details of the categories of Personal information provide by you which may be held by Epson. Those items highlighted in bold text must be given in order to use the Service:

Information you entered when registering for the Service

Information uploaded from your printer

Information transmitted by you when using the Service

Information gathered from Epson’s own systems about your use of the Service

Epson also collect statistical information about your visits to or use of the Epson Connect site. Epson uses logs, IP address, User-Agent header, First-party cookie and Session cookie.

More information about the process of uploading information from your printer can be found at: