Registering a Printer from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Before you register the printer and create your user account, you need to connect your printer to the network so that it can be used from a computer. Follow the instructions in the "Start Here" setup guide to perform your printer's initial setup and network setup.
If "Epson Connect Services" is not displayed in your printer's Web Config, register from a computer using Epson Connect Printer Setup.
You cannot use the services under a Wi-Fi Direct or Ad Hoc connection.
Turn on the printer.
Open the printer's Web Config in a browser.
Open the browser and enter your printer’s IP address as shown below.
http://<Printer IP address> (without the < >)
You can check your printer’s IP address using one of the following methods. For more information on the network status, see the documentation provided with your printer.
The network status on the printer’s control panel
The network status sheet
The network connection check report
Tap Firmware Update, and then follow the instructions to update the printer’s firmware.
Tap Epson Connect Services.
The printer registration screen is displayed.
Tap Register.
The License Agreement is displayed. Tap Epson Connect Member Service Terms and Conditions, and read the information displayed. Select Accept, and then tap Next.
The process for registering your printer to the Epson Connect service starts.
Load paper into your printer, and then tap OK.
Enter your account information, then tap Finish!.
A completion screen is displayed. When registration is complete, a setup information sheet is printed from the printer you registered, and a notification email is sent to your email address.
You can now use the Epson Connect service.