Registering a Dedicated Scanner

You can register users and scanners using Epson Connect based on the registration information provided from the scanner's control panel.
Before you register the scanner and create your user account, you need to connect your scanner to the network so that it can be used from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Follow the instructions in the "Start Here" setup guide to perform your scanner's initial setup and network setup.
You cannot use the services under a Wi-Fi Direct or Ad Hoc connection.
Turn on the scanner.
Tap Cloud > Epson Connect Settings on the scanner's home screen.
The Epson Connect registration page URL, QR code, and authentication code are displayed on the screen.
An authentication code is required to open the registration page from the URL. Make a note of the authentication code.
Access the registration page using your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Enter the authentication code, and then click (tap) Send.
When you access the registration page by scanning a QR code, the authentication code has already been entered.
When the scanner registration complete message is displayed, click (tap) Next.
Read the Terms and Conditions/Privacy Statement, and then select the checkbox.
Click (tap) Next.
Enter your account information, then tap Add.
A completion screen is displayed. When registration is complete, a notification email is sent to your email address.