Printer Email Address

You can change the printer email address registered to the Epson Connect service.
The server provides a unique email address for the printer. You can use the following procedure to change the printer’s email address.
Click Printer Email Address from the printer menu on the left of the screen.
Enter the new email address in New Printer Email Address.
You cannot copy the email address and paste it in the box.
The following restrictions apply when entering an email address.
- You must enter more than 6 characters and less than 32 characters.
- You can only use alphanumeric characters and single-character symbols (!#$%&i*+-/=?^_`{│}i.). You can use upper-case and lower-case characters.
- You cannot use “@”.
Click Apply, and then click OK to apply the settings.
To send the printer's email address to your devices or friends, click Share. To print the printer's email address, click Print.