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Print in Slack "Epson Printer"

"Epson Printer" can easily print shared files from Slack and files in your PC or your smartphone. Please refer to the steps below to set up the app, and print.

Step 1

Search "Epson Printer" on your Slack app or Slack App Directory. Select "Epson Printer" displayed in the search result, and press [Add Slack] button.

Step 2

Open the Epson Printer direct message added to Slack, please check the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement, and press the [Confirm] button.

Step 3

Next, register a printer. The displayed screen depends on whether shared printer(s) are registered or not.
*Shared printer: It's a printer that all users in the workspace can use. The printer is registered as a shared printer by checking "Share the printer in the workspace" when registering the printer.

If the shared printer is not registered
Set a new printer.
 Step1: Get a printer email address
  • If you don't have a printer email address, press the [Get an email address] button, and refer to the instruction within the chat conversation to get an email address.
  • If you have the printer email address, press the [I already have the email address] button.
A print destination is specified by a printer email address. You can get a printer email address by registering the printer with Epson Connect.
*Epson Connect is free clould printing service.
Refer to below to register. After the registration is completed, the setup information sheet with the printer email address will be printed out.
 Step2: Set up the email address
  • Press the [Set the email address] button, enter the printer email address on the displayed screen, and press the [Register] button.
□Send me notifications of printing errors: Send an notification that an error has occurred when printing, like paper out. If you don't need the notification, please uncheck here.
□Share the printer in the workspace: If you want to register a printer as a shared printer, please check here.
□Confirm before Printing: The confirmation message is displayed in the Epson Printer direct message when printing. Press the [Print] button to print. If you want to print without displaying the confirmation message, please uncheck here.

If Shared printer(s) have been regsitered
Use the printer registered in the workspace. Select the printer from the [Select from registered printer(s)] button.

Step 4

After the printer registration is completed, you can print by two methods.
Print by forwarding
  1. Select a file you want to print in the any channel or any direct message.
  2. Press the [Share file...] button.
  3. Select "Epson Printer" on Shared with, press the [Send] button.
Print with Direct Message
  1. Select a document or a photo you want to print in the Epson Printer direct message.
  2. Press the [Send] button and post it.

Step 5

Display [Print] and [Print Settings] buttons in the Epson Printer direct message.
If you wanto to print it soon, press the [Print] button.
If you want to print it after changing the print settings, press the [Print Settings] button.
*If you print by forwarding on iOS, [Print] and [Print Settings] buttons may be hidden. After you display the latest message in "Epson Printer", press each button.
If you don't need to display [Print] and [Print Settings] buttons, uncheck [Confirm befere Printing] in [Change Printer Settings] - [Edit Printer Details/Information] of the below menu.

What can I print?
Document: PDF、Word (doc, docx)、Excel (xls, xlsx)、PowerPoint (ppt, pptx)
*Maximum file size: photo 10MB, document 20MB.
*You cannot print password protected PDFs or printing restricted PDFs.
*Files in cloud storage may not be printed directly from your PC. In that case, download a file to your PC, post the file to the "Epson Printer" and print.